What is the Personal Accident Plan?

Designed for families & hobby riders

Our flagship plan gives you and your family wide-ranging protection from serious injury in or out of the saddle. The Premier level plan offers 21 different fracture benefits paying up to €3,000, and you can also choose an enhanced Premier Plus option to cover a further 18 serious accident benefits.

All in all, the plan gives you comprehensive protection from accidental injury and with three levels of cover available within each plan, there’s sure to be an affordable option to suit every pocket.



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Personal Accident Plan highlights

Family cover
choose to protect yourself, your partner and your children
Premier Plan
21 fracture benefits PLUS three additional cash benefits
Premier Plus Plan
All the benefits from the Premier Plan and a further 18 accidental injury benefits
Fracture benefits and cash lump sums from serious injuries
Maximum benefits:
- €100,000
under the Premier Plus Plan

What's included?

The Personal Accident Plan is available as Premier and Premier Plus options, and within each option there are 3 levels of cover – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Below we outline the benefits of both plans:

Premier Plan

Includes 21 fracture benefits plus three additional cash benefits -

and children covered under the plan are entitled to 50% of all benefits illustrated.

Premier Plus Plan

Includes all the benefits from the Premier Plan - plus a further 18 Serious Accident Benefits.

Children can be covered too - see the Policy Document in the Literature Library for full details.

Permanent Total Disability €50,000 €75,000 €100,000
Loss of sight in both eyes €50,000 €75,000 €100,000
Loss of two limbs €50,000 €75,000 €100,000
Quadriplegia €50,000 €75,000 €100,000
Paraplegia €50,000 €75,000 €100,000
Permanent brain damage €50,000 €75,000 €100,000
Loss of sight in one eye €25,000 €37,500 €50,000
Loss of use of one limb €25,000 €37,500 €50,000
Loss of speech €25,000 €37,500 €50,000
Loss of hearing in both ears €25,000 €37,500 €50,000
Loss of hearing in one ear €5,000 €7,500 €10,000

Loss of use of:

- a shoulder or elbow

- a wrist, thumb, hip, knee or ankle

- any finger or big toe

- any other toe













Daily Hospitalisation benefits* €50 per
€75 per
€100 per
Lump sum hospitalisation benefit following 14 days continuous hospitalisation €500 €750 €1,000
Accidental Death €50,000 €75,000 €100,000

*Excluding the first 24 hours and upto maximum of 45 days in hospital

What's not included?

These are some of the key exclusions

  • War and terrorism

  • Riding a motorcycle, moped or scooter

  • Rock climbing or mountaineering

  • Flying except as a fare-paying passenger

  • Competing in any race other than on foot or whilst swimming

  • Illegal acts, use of explosives, suicide or self-inflicted injury

  • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Flying except as a fare-paying passenger

Please refer to the Policy Document in the Literature Library for a full list of exclusions.

How do I make a claim?

Simply call our claims handler, Davies Ireland, on 01 623 8471 for a claim form and for information on your claim.


Who can apply?
You must be over 18 and under 65 years of age. You also need to be a resident in the Republic of Ireland but are covered abroad (please see the Policy Document for full details).
What do we mean by a fracture?
“Fracture” means a breach in the continuity of the bone caused by an accident which is identified by an x-ray or in the case of a fracture which is unable to be x-rayed, by confirmation from a doctor.
Who underwrites the plan?
Maiden Life Försäkrings AB
Maiden Life underwrite our Personal Accident Plan. They provide insurance solutions throughout Europe, protecting thousands of people just like you against accidents and sickness.

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