Our aim is to operate sustainably and to minimise our impact on the environment.


Our vision is to become a completely paperless company over the coming years and to be carbon neutral. We would love your support to help us achieve this vision.

We ask all our customers for permission to send regulatory communications via email.

These communications include annual policy review/reminder letters, Insurance Product Information Documents and Summaries of Cover.

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    For every approval we receive via telephone, email or our online form, we’ll also donate £1/€1 to Avon Wildlife Trust.


    With your support we’ll help them to create and restore a wildlife-rich natural world, including beautiful wildflower meadows which help bees and other pollinating insects to flourish. 

    You can read more about their amazing work at www.avonwildlifetrust.org.uk


    Our 20 pledges to go green 

    We’re taking responsibility as a business to promote positive environmental change and so every one of the Hive team has signed up to making 20 promises to work as sustainably as possible. As we think of more ways, we’ll add them to our list. If you have any ideas of ways we can be more sustainable, please get in touch!



    1.       We're recycling our toner cartridges from photocopiers

    2.       We're also recycling our glass, plastic, aluminium and cardboard

    3.       We're donating old printers and other office equipment to local schools and charities

    4.       We're reusing old file folders. By flipping them inside out, we’ve got a fresh folder and tab to use, rather than throwing them out

    5.       We're saving and reusing our packaging materials



    6.       We use reusable water bottles, not disposable plastic bottles

    7.       We keep used coffee grounds and reuse them to “feed” our indoor plants, as they add nutrients to the soil

    8.       We bring our lunch to work in reusable containers rather than plastic bags or aluminum foil



    9.      We turn off all electrical appliances when not in use

    10.    We have motion sensors in all rooms so that lights go off when rooms are not in use

    11.    We put our computers to sleep when we walk away during the day

    12.    We switch computers off completely at the end of the day

    13.    We use natural ventilation in the office whenever possible, minimising use of air conditioning.

    14.    We layer our clothing instead of turning the heat up in the office.

    15.    Instead of traveling for meetings, whenever possible we use video or web conferencing services instead



    16.    We've installed office plants to offset VOCs and CO2 emissions.



    17.    We're really careful how we use paper. We've reduced the amount of paper we use in the office, we print on both sides, and we recycle every scrap that one might otherwise throw away

    18.    We've minimised print and postage, and instead try to send as much communication to customers and colleagues as possible by email

    19.    We use file-sharing websites like DropBox or Google Docs rather than printing and sharing or maintaining paper files

    20.    We've made a point of being taken off paper mailing lists from conferences, trade publications, etc… If we still want to hear from them, we opt for electronic delivery instead.

    … and one more for good luck…

    21.    We've opted for online media rather than paper versions, including magazines, newspapers, trade journals, and other publications.